Commercial Real Estate

Large-scale commercial centres are a major driver of the economy, and Brains & Hammers is at the forefront of developing them. Our mission is to be a key provider of large-scale commercial projects that provide both businesses and customers with the essential facilities they need.

Brains & Hammers Cities

Brains & Hammers Cities introduces an entirely new perspective to urban living.

An entire city of affordable housing - in distinct neighborhoods - all built to the same high-quality Brains & Hammers standards, and complete with all essential facilities and amenities.

This unprecedented development project offers over 3500 units for sale, in a wide range of building types and locations, including:

Hotels and Luxury Serviced Apartments

Embrace a world-class lifestyle

Hospitality is another key area of expertise for the Brains & Hammers Group.

We design, build, deliver and manage hotels and luxury apartments across urban Nigeria.

Our development team is focused on identifying opportunities in highly desirable urban areas, ideal for creating luxurious cocoons with the perfect mix of design and impeccable construction; completely serene environment and smoothly functioning facilities.

Check Inn Hotels

Situated in key cities across Nigeria, the Check Inn chain of boutique hotels serves the business and family traveller.

With a unique aesthetic and unforgettable service delivery, Check Inn Hotels offer the discerning guest a taste of home away from home.

Luxury Heights and Towers

A subsidiary of the Brains & Hammers Group, Luxury Heights and Towers was created to develop residential high-rises in metropolitan areas of Nigeria, for those who require intelligent, sophisticated services from a brand that has class appeal and exudes exclusivity.

Other Services

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Affordable and luxury houses


Leasing, asset management, horticulture and after care services