Residential Real Estate

Whether you are looking for a secure, family-friendly environment for yourself and your family, or you see housing as a great investment, purchasing a Brains & Hammers home will make perfect sense for you. 

Affordable Housing

Every family needs a place to call their own.

Our drive to develop affordable housing stems from a simple belief: that every enterprising wage earner should be able to afford a beautiful home in a secure family-friendly environment for themselves and their family.

To this end, we have embarked on several industry- changing projects aimed at placing world-class living environments well within the reach of the average Nigerian worker.

Invest Homes Ltd.

Invest Homes provides seamless, end-to-end affordable housing solutions for the income-earning Nigerian, in secure family-friendly gated communities.

The company’s primary objective is to offer all Nigerian income earners the opportunity to purchase a house of their own, regardless of economic status - an objective driven by a desire to actively help reduce the vast national housing deficit.

This is achieved by leveraging on cutting-edge technology and building processes, with cost effectiveness and value as key focus areas. 

Using innovative construction techniques, Invest Homes is able to significantly speed up construction processes and thus drive down individual unit costs - delivering larger volumes in less time.

Premium Housing

Wake up to the extraordinary everyday.

Brains & Hammers has quickly gained a reputation for delivering secure, family friendly gated communities.

By paying the utmost attention to detail, we have created entire communities that have quickly become reference points - both for individual homeowners and the industry at large.

Luxury that gains value with time

Every Brains & Hammers project has delivered significant return-on-investment year after year, often raising the value of entire neighborhoods in the process.

Instantly recognizable for their unique design as well as their distinctive, impeccable finishes, our buildings offer luxury that gains value with time.

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